Issue No. 6 

The Deaf Studies Digital Journal (DSDJ) is pleased to announce a Call for Submissions for Issue No. 6, Spring 2019. 

DSDJ is a peer-reviewed, online journal dedicated to advancing the cultural, creative and critical work in and about signed languages and their Deaf communities. After a five years hiatus, DSDJ will be resuming its publication with a release of the sixth issue in Spring 2019. We are seeking contributions of original publications in ASL as the primary language of submissions. DSDJ will accept one English text as a source text to be translated into ASL per issue. The areas of interest for submissions includes, but is not limited to: 

Original Articles [Theoretical or Empirical] Section 

  • History 
  • Cultural 
  • Sign Language 
  • Education 
  • Community 
  • Policy 

We will consider other categories; please contact DSDJ’s managing editor, Ivy Davis, at with the topic of interest.  

DSDJ features articles in a multilingual format, where ASL and English are the primary languages of the journal.  We accept work submitted in ASL as original text, English as original text limited to one article per issue, and International Sign along with ASL and English version. Other sign languages are welcomed as long as the submission is accompanied by an International Sign or ASL version in a video and an English text. If you are interested in submitting an article, please send your proposal and include the required details listed below.  

  1. A cover page consisting: 
  2. Author’s Name  
  3. Co-authors' names if applicable  
  4. Title 
  5. Field of study 
  6. Outline in English 
  7. Abstract in ASL [up to seven minutes] including the method of research 
  8. A complete list of references in APA style (6th Edition) 

The details required will contribute to the procedure in place for peer review.  You will submit your proposal through here. Once it has been submitted, it will be under review by DSDJ’s editor for acceptance. When approved, the process will include the submission of a full draft of the proposed paper, peer review, and a final submission before publication.  

Other Sections:  

In addition, we are also seeking contributions to the Communication Section. The purpose of this section is to share thoughts, reflections, and ideas about the issue’s area of interest or relevant current events.    

Communication Section 

  • Commentary 
  • Responses 
  • Reviews 

Non-Peer-Review Section  

The Non-Peer-Review Section will serve as a platform to disseminate various work that may be previously published in written text (I.e. reports, white paper) to be translated in ASL. The section also includes previously published peer-reviewed articles from other journals to be translated in ASL with the permission of the publisher.  

  • Reports 
  • White Paper 
  • Translation from original articles published from other peer-reviewed journals 

DSDJ is looking forward to this opportunity to work with you on the process of reviving and publishing Issue No. 6. If you have any questions regarding your submission, contact DSDJ’s managing editor, Ivy Davis, at

Deaf Studies Digital Journal